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Telefunken (Gesundheit!)

Over the past few years the CECOM Historical Office has accessioned a large number of items, including photographs/negatives, documents, and technical manuals/reports. Through postings to our blog site, we will be introducing some of parts of this collection to our readers.

With this post, we will be introducing the Telefunken. Telefunken was a (German) brand name that was applied to and became the common name for a telephone set that was used in military applications. The materials related to the Telefunken contained in the CECOM archive date from the early 1900s to about 1912.

The two photographs included here, both from the History Office collection, are (1) of the Telefunken Field Wireless Set (Pack) – transmitter chest and transmitting apparatus and (2) the Telefunken Field Wireless Set (Pack) – receiving chest and receiving apparatus. In addition to these two photographs there are also photos of the Telefunken set as set up with a mast, a wiring diagram, the Telefunken as set up at various locations such as at Fort Leavenworth, at the Coast artillery school at Fort Monroe, and as a wagon radio set.

CE Museum Photo #24a

CE Museum Photo #24a

CE Museum Photo #24b

CE Museum Photo #24b


The following documents that address the Telefunken set are also included in the Historical Office’s archive.

The first document set consists of a collection of drawings for Tast-u.Modulationsgerat Type ST 577 S zum 700 Watt Kurzw-Senders S467S, partial set of typed operational instructions (front page missing), a diagram “Schaltbild des 700 Watt Kurzw-Senders S467S.

The second document is a typed collection of papers/report titled “Telefunken.” This report is for the 700 Watt Shortwave Code and Voice transmitter Type: S 467 S, Wavelength Range 20 – 90 m. This report includes hand drawn diagrams, photographs, set characteristics, construction, hookup and operation, installation, and directions for use. There is also a German version of what appears to be the same report.

The third document was found in a collection of “Signal Corps Bulletins.” This particular set of bulletins starts in 1906, and runs through 1912 and in large part are informational or advisory publications. In this collection, Bulletin No. 15 from 1912 is titled “Telefunken Wagon Sets.”

These items and other communications-related documents and photographs are available for review at the CECOM Historical Office. The Historical Office is located at Aberdeen Proving Ground. If interested, the reader can also contact the Historical office through our “contact us” Web page at

This post was written by Floyd Hertweck.

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