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Seaside, as photographed by Frank Cole

How’s this for a Throwback Thursday? Our intern, Erin Zerhusen, had a great find this afternoon while conducting an in-depth index of the Frank Cole papers.

Seaside in the 1920s

Seaside in the 1920s

This is a Seaside, New Jersey, at what we believe to be the intersection of the Boardwalk and Sherman Ave. If any of our readers can confirm this, or if we’ve got the location wrong.

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  1. cecomhistorian says

    If anyone has a better guess at date, we’d be happy to hear that as well. Trying to assign a date range to an undated photograph is somewhat of an art and a science. Vehicles and buildings are often good indicators, as are clothing styles. This one is harder given lack of the first two, and the casual dress associated with the beach. My first thought was later, mid to late 1930s, but the hats make 1920s possible as well.