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Apex – Distinguished Pigeon

Apex, a veteran of WWII was designated as a Hero Pigeon. His identification number was 873 USA 42 (4th CA). This courageous and speedy male blue-check pigeon, he was hatched in Burma in 1944.

Apex earned his place as a hero pigeon for his successful completion of over twenty important combat missions in the India-Burma area of war operations. All agents of the Office of Strategic Services assigned to this area of operation parachuted behind enemy lines, and would be carrying pigeons. Frequently these pigeons were the only means of contact between the agents and their headquarters. Apex soon won recognition for his ability to “get the message through” despite most hazardous conditions.



After WWII he was rewarded by being housed in the Churchill Loft, the Army’s “Pigeon Hall of Fame”, at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

When the Pigeon Program was discontinued in 1957, APEX was sent to the Baltimore Zoo in Druid Hill Park, Maryland along with Yank, and other Hero Pigeon. Apex passed away in October 1957.

Note: This entry composed by Floyd, and edited/posted by Chrissie.

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