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They’re baaaaack!

Nope, it’s not the über-campy 1980s cult classic, Poltergeist II, it’s the historians!  We’re back at work, and even getting paid for it.  Let’s get to blogging. I’ve got a few photos from last week that I wanted to post, so I’ll toss up a few of those, and then get to the new stuff.  Floyd’s even written a new one, and he told me he’s got 24 more where that came from (which, if you’re wondering, is the file folder labelled “History Blogs” on his C drive).

I’ll get to posting more Hampden S. Gardiner journal entries, too.  Talk about public history: 100% transcribed, keyword searchable, and all for free on the interwebs.

Also, this means we’re in the office to answer research requests, so feel free to send them. Use the “Contact Us” tab or call the history office main number: (443) 861-6669.

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