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Greely Expedition: Day 78

Day 78: Thursday, September 22nd, 1881

Weather fair.

Brainard, Luni, Rice, Saler, and 1 Eskimo with dogs and sledge started to finish the cache of yesterday.

While we were eating dinner today we were much alarmed by the carpenters’ tent catching fire and burning down. Many of the tools were destroyed, as also quite a quantity of clothing belong to several of the men, who had it stored away in there. A quantity of lumber was also burned. Our quarters were in imminent danger for a few minutes and if it has not been for the prompt action of the men in pouring water on the roof and sides of the building it would undoubtedly have burned also. As it was the tar paper covering smoked and cracked for some time.

At 5pm, Sgt. Rice returned having seen the party well on their way, and having taken several photographs of Distant Cape.

At 8pm, Sgt. Brainard and party returned to the post having succeeded in getting one sledge load of provisions to the North of St. Patrick’s Bay,

A tank is being prepared today to melt ice for water this winter. An iron pipe will run through the large cooking stove, one end of the pipe will connect at the bottom of the tank, then running through the fire will discharge hot water into the top of the tank, the cold water being forced in at the bottom.

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