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Greely Expedition: Day 72

Day 72: Friday, September 16th, 1881

Weather fair. At 9:15am, the Commanding Officer, Sgt. Brainard, Pvt. Connell and Bender, started for the U.S. Mountains with the intention of being gone 10 days. At 4pm, the Cmdg. Officer returned to the station, having unfortunately hurt his knee, which caused him to limp considerably.

At 5pm, Dr. Pavy and his party arrived at station and reported open water on Archver Fjord which his travelling any further in that direction.

Corp’l Ellison (Carpenter) has been at work all day in making double deck bunks (so called, i.e. one above the other). They will accommodate 8 men. As fast as they are finished the iron single bunks are move out. They change is a great one, and we have about two-thirds more space to walk about in.

The winter is coming on apace and the darkness is so apparent now at nights that this evening it was found necessary to have a light. It is the first time.

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