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Greely Expedition: Day 67

Day 67: Sunday, September 11th, 1881

Weather fair. At about 10am, Lt. Lockwood, myself, and the Eskimo Frederick started for the Bellows Valley, with the intention of exploring the same. We made camp this evening about 15 or 20 miles from the entrance to the Bellows. It was very cold, the thermometer being at or near zero. We had no tent and our preparations were ever made for the night as far as sleeping was concerned. The business of preparing supper being of much more concern, under the circumstances: having to melt ice and cook our simple meal of chocolate and warmed baked beans over a small alcohol lamp.

However, after several failures, such as our evales getting knocked off the fire and the necessity of commencing at the beginning again, we succeeded in making a tolerable good supply of chocolate for all and after making things as snug as possible we retreated to our sleeping bag, pretty well tired out with our first day’s travel. We were up betimes the next morning as sleeping in the open air in a sleeping bag is hardly up to the standard of comfort of one who had never tried it before. It is the best the country can afford however and we must get used to it.

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