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Greely Expedition: Day 65

Day 65: Friday, September 9th, 1881

About 4am, Dr. Pavy arrived and created a great deal of excitement by reporting having left Rice about 10 miles back in the hills near St. Patrick’s Bay, and played out with an attack of acute rheumatism. Sgt. Brainard was immediately sent out with medicines and food to Rice. Dr. Pavy had put him in a sleeping bag and he had a shelter tent over him.

After an early breakfast Cross, with Connell, Fredericks, and Bender, started to bring Rice to the post. They took a sledge with them. They arrived about noon and found the sick man unable to move hand or foot. They improvised a stretcher and started home. After traveling some distance they found that they were insufficient to bring him in. Bender then was sent for help. While awaiting for help the remainder of the party found a large drift log with which they built a fire. Sgt. Luis with 5 men started immediately on the arrival of Bender at the post for the place where the rest had made a camp. Luis and his party arrived about 8:30pm. They immediately started home. It took the whole party from 8:45pm until 10:20 to arrive with Rice at the top of the mountain where they had left the sledge. They now stowed him in as comfortable a position as possible and made all speed, which at the best was very slow to the sick man. The night was exceedingly clear and cold.

First stars were noticed tonight.

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