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Greely Expedition: Day 64

Day 64: Thursday, September 8th, 1881

Light snow falling. The carpenters finished ceiling the officer’s quarters today, and their room is now in a pretty comfortable condition. At about 4 o’clock pm, the Commanding officer and his party arrived back from the Bellows. While away they killed 10 musk oxen and 10 eider ducks. The game was killed several miles back from the harbor and in the hills. They dressed the game and packed most of the meat down near to the shore, so to have it convenient for parties going after it. The Lts. Kislingbury and Greely were a little lame, but with these exceptions all were well. About 5 o’clock Sgt. Luis and his party arrived. They succeeded in establishing the depot of provisions at Murchison. They brought back the English sledge. This party were all well except Henry who was pretty well tired out.

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