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Greely Expedition: Day 61

Day 61: Monday, September 5th, 1881

9am, started for St. Patrick’s Bay accompanied by Corpl. Saber. We were to examine the surrounding country and report as to the possibility of a sledge route over the hills and across St. Patrick’s Bay. We travelled up the valley to the north of our station and then ascend on [the] high mountain on our right, over which we crossed through a dense fog, it being impossible to see 10 yds ahead of us at times. However, we succeeded at last in striking the Bay about 2 miles from the mouth. We were at this time on top of a high and almost perpendicular cliff – which after many falls, in one of which I cut the palm of my hand severely by falling on the sharp stones. We reached the bottom and thence had good travelling along the ice-foot. Neat the mouth of the bay we found a large sledge and a small boat which had been abandoned here by the English Expedition during some of their travels. The sledge was in good condition but the boat would need some repairs before being of service. We took one of the paddles (of which there was two) as a trophy and carried it to the station.

On our return we followed the coastline all the way around to Water Course Bay and thence through the valley past the coal mine to our station. We had been 10 hours on the tramp without any stops except to examine the boat and sledge. And we had travelled about 30 miles.

General work going on around the quarters during the day.

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