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Lady Karen – Distinguished Pigeon

Lady Karen is credited with completing thirty one combat missions in Italy during WWII. Many of her flights were over sectors where whole towns were being pulverized by shell fire. She also escaped heavy anti aircraft fire while getting the message through. This blue feathered female carrier was hatched on January 29, 1944 (43169 USA 43 SC) in San Prisco, Italy. Her unusual grace and poise won her the title of “Lady.”

Lady Karen Image # 4750

Lady Karen
Image # 4750

After the War, Lady Karen, and was housed in the Army’s “Pigeon Hall of Fame” located at Fort Monmouth.  When the Pigeon Program was discontinued, in 1957, Lady Karen was sent to the Dayton Natural History Museum.

For bibliography purposes, these images can be cited:

Image #—, “US Army Photo collection, C-E Museum Acquisition” from the CECOM Historical Office archive, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

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