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Greely Expedition: Day 54

Day 54: Monday, August 29th, 1881

Weather fair and warmer. About 9am, Lt. Lockwood with Sgts. Brainard & Cross started for St. Patrick’s Bay and passed to 7 miles the other side of it before finding their mistake. They killed 1 musk ox, which they cut and dressed. They left 1 spade, 1 pick, and 1 axe on left bank of St. Patrick’s Bay. This party on their return met Dr. Pavy with Sgt. Rice, Ralston, and Luis, who were going; the two former to Lincoln Bay, packing their supplies on their back, and the latter Ralston and Luis to make a cache this side of St. Patrick’s Bay for the benefit of sledge parties travelling that way. At 11pm a stiff breeze blowing and very cold.

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