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Take that, David Sarnoff!

My favorite historical figure from Signal Corps history is MAJ Edwin Howard Armstrong.  Even more than Greely, even more than Myer, EH Armstrong is my favorite (even if he was a bit eccentric).  The history blog has featured him and his inventions before, I can never resist promoting the history of Armstrong!

Armstrong working on his tower (station KE2XXC) at Alpine, NJ. It was originally W2XMN on 43.1 Megacycles, built and operated by Major Armstrong in 1938 to demonstrate the merits of his FM System. The 300 ft. tower, which is a landmark, the building, mainteance, and operation cost him over $1 million. From here he maintained high fidelity FM broadcasts for musing lovers to show the effectivenss of his new system. The station was closed down on March 6, 1954. Photo circa 1945.

Image # 0812

Image # 0812

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