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Greely Expedition: Day 47

Day 47: Monday, August 22nd, 1881

Weather cold and cloudy, light snow commenced in afternoon. The North end of the building which is to be used as the officers quarters. I was put in pretty good condition today. The floor finished, and doors, windows, and C put in. The officers moved in to the house.

Soon after dinner, Pvt. Ryan who was working with several others putting tar-paper on the inside of the house as a lining, fell to the floor in a fit, and was brought to his senses with some difficulty by the doctor. The doctor recommended him to be returned to the states and he immediately repaired on board the ship, which is still laying in the ice off Dutch Island. Pvt. Ryan will be a great loss to our party. We was a general favorite with all being very obliging and good natured; he was a coal miner.

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