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Den Haag

January 10th, 1923: Col. Gibbs, US Army; General Ferrie, France; and Captain Bryant, US Navy; members of the Radio Sub-Commission, at The Hague. Folder ACC 310 4.

Image # 5361

Image # 5361

The building they are in front of – the Peace Palace – is still there, and is really stunning to see in person.  The Hague is a very beautiful city, and home to Staff Historian Chrissie’s favorite museum, the M.C. Escher Museum, and her 3rd favorite Chinatown. It’s also close to the North Sea, and while it’s pretty cold to swim in (even in August), it made me think of the seaside area as a “Dutch Riviera.” If you have the chance to visit, it’s really a great part of the world!

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Image #—, “US Army Photo collection, C-E Museum Acquisition” from the CECOM Historical Office archive, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

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