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Message capsule for pigeons

A message would be printed on a slip of paper and attached to the pigeon in a message capsule. Many of the “hero” pigeons of WWI and WWII successfully delivered messages from the frontlines, often flying with wounds and injuries, and saved the lives of countless soldiers. Some of the hero pigeons are on display at the Smithsonian Institute.

Message Capsule for Pigeons

Message Capsule for Pigeons

Some researchers believe pigeons use the Earth’s magnetic field to map and locate, others believe they follow atmospheric odors and British researchers have shown that they use visual landmarks just like humans do to navigate. Depending on atmospheric conditions, they might use one or a combination of all of these methods. It took several days to home a pigeon so it would know where to return to its loft. For that reason, lofts were usually located at an Army Headquarters because the location was stable. The home loft could also be a moving vehicle during combat operations. Messages were written on thin slips of paper and put into aluminum tubes attached to the bird’s leg. Secret messages were cryptographed.  Pigeoneers would then transmit messages by telephone.

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