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New Items Added to the Collection: 1920s Signal Corps Newsletters

Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. – Albert Camus

It might be February 25th, but today we had “History Christmas.” This minor – yet amazing – holiday befalls the CECOM Historical Office at various times throughout the year, and we celebrate it whenever we get a donation of archival materials to add to the collection.

Thanks to the generosity of Kathy Patrick and her 92 year old father, the CECOM Historical Office received two issues of Signal Corps School Newsletter from April and May 1920.  Ms. Patrick contacted the history office and inquired if we would be interested in them.  She wrote, “My father’s uncle, Floyd E. McColly, attended the school and has no children or grandchildren we can pass the newsletters on to.”

Command Historian Susan Thompson was quick to reply that we were definitely interested.  The archive has a collection of newspapers and newsletters from Camp Alfred Vail and Fort Monmouth, including some 1917, 1918, and 1919 issues of “Dots and Dashes,” which were published by the YMCA. But until today, we did not have copies of the newsletters Ms. Patrick asked us about.

They’ve already been scanned in (so they can be used and disseminated without being handled) and given a permanent home in the archival collection.  It’s a good day for history!

Many thanks to Ms. Patrick and her father for thinking of us, and sending in those publications.

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