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Technical Manual Collection

CECOM History Office Technical Manual Collection

In conjunction with the BRAC mandated move of the CECOM History Office and Archive from Fort Monmouth, to Aberdeen Proving Ground (Maryland), the CECOM History Office received a large number of boxes containing various materials, to include books, manuals, photographs, collectable papers, and a number of items related to the history of predecessor operations.

Tech Manual, example 1

One such example of material was a collection of what we will collectively call “Technical Manuals.” While the Archive had a collection of more than 3,300 such documents, the accession of the additional manuals referenced above, as well as the accession of a number of manuals from Internet sources pushed the number of “Technical Manuals” in the collection to over 7,000. What this manual consists of is actual “Technical Manuals”, most of which are in the TM-11 Series. In fact we speculated that the History Office may have one of the largest single collections of this series of manuals.

Tech manual, example 2

Additional items include Army Field manuals (FM), Lubrication Orders, Technical Bulletins, guides for the American Expeditionary Forces, Signal School Pamphlets, Training Pamphlets, Radio Pamphlets, Wire Communications Pamphlets, and other titles.

Tech manual, example 3

The collection dates from the late 1890s to the late 1990s.

Tech manual, example 4

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