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Greely Expedition: Day 11

Day 11: Sunday, July 17th, 1881

Raw and cold this morning, the bells of the “Eskimo Chapel” are ringing a welcome to all those who wish to attend, and the “Eskimos” are slowly winding their way thither. Some of our men have gone ashore to attend. Mr. Israel and myself were on shore this forenoon and afternoon, trying to get a rate for the chronometers, but were unsuccessful on account of the cloudiness.

There was another dance on shore tonight. It was held in a store-house from which the boxes and barrels had been removed. The music comprised a very bad violin and a steel triangle played by the natives. The dancing was good (especially of the women who show considerable grace), considering the tune in which the music was played, varying at times as something would attract the attention of the musicians. The Eskimo men were rather backward of showing their accomplishments before so many strangers; and did not dance much. Not so however with the women who would always come on to the floor when invited to do so by the members of our party who desired to dance. The room was crowded to overflowing. Lts. Lockwood and Kislingbury were on the floor waltzing several times, as also several of the men, some of whom stayed until a very late hour.

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