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Gardiner’s Journal: Day 12

Day 12: Monday, July 18th, 1881

Partly cloudy, with a very light wind from the S. shore, which brings with it countless myriads of mosquitoes, which are very annoying. Unsuccessful again in getting an observations of the sun for time. A chance offered today to send letters home and nearly every one proffered by the opportunity to let the folks at home know of our whereabouts. The day was spend in getting supplies. Pemmican, some lumber and dogs aboard. Ralston, Brainard, Bender and myself were on shore today and had a pleasant though tiresome ramble through the hills during which we found some of the far famed red snow of Greenland and also made quite a collection of wild flowers which were brought back to the ship and pressed for preservation. We measured the height of the mountains today and found the highest to be about 3,000 feet.

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