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Gardiner’s Journal: Day 9

Day 9: Friday, July 15th, 1881

Fair weather, heavy sea and brisk northerly winds. Succeeded in getting an observation of the sun today and found our latitude to be 66° 43’ N and at noon ship was about 30 miles off shore. Our hope of getting to “Godhaven” today is blasted, but we will probably arrive there tomorrow night. The curiosity to see the “Island” and our confinement on board the ship, will make the little settlement of “Godhaven” a very welcome sight to all. At 2 PM today a sail was sighted off our port quarter, and on our course. Glasses were in great requisition, and the vessel was reported by the “knowingness” to be a brigantine, probably a whaler or else a supply ship from Denmark to the Danish traders in Greenland. It is the first vessel we have seen since leaving Newfoundland and probably the last until we return. We lost sight of her soon, as she came about and stood away from us, towards the N.W.

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