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Greely Expedition: Day 6

Day 6: Tuesday, July 12th, 1881

Cloudy weather, brisk winds, temperature of the air 38° Far. Sea water temperature at surface 38° Far. Came of with floe-ice at 1:30 PM and at this time we are making good headway through it without trouble. The ship steaming at half speed. The attempt will be made at the 11 PM observation, to get the temperature of the sea water at the depth of 5 fathoms. Rifles are being cleaned, and a boat will be put on the davits tomorrow, to be in readiness, for any seal, bear, and any other game that we may see on the ice.

We sighted an immense whale close on our starboard beam this evening. But he was quite safe for by some oversight there is not an harpoon in the outfit. The immense cakes of ice are a great curiosity to everyone, and every person on board takes great interest in watching them and noting their peculiarities.

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