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Brookdale WWII Event: Vilna


The Partisans of Vilna and Their Desperate Battle for Survival

Featuring Holocaust survivor and author Leslie Schwartz and veteran Vilna partisan Halina Kustin Jagendorf

In June of 1941, when Vilna, a major city in Lithuania, was taken over by Nazi Germany, the Zionist organizations within the Vilna Jewish Ghetto went underground and concentrated on saving their members from extermination by the ruthless Nazi Einsatzgruppen murder squads. The organization’s further aims were to prepare for armed resistance in the event of the Ghetto being in danger of liquidation and spread the idea of resistance to other ghettos.

Hear the fascinating story of the partisan group as told by Holocaust survivor Leslie Schwartz and actual Vilna partisan Halina Kustin Jagendorf; firsthand tales about how the partisans from Vilna fought the Germans until the Soviet Army reached them, and enabled them to take part in the liberation of their city on July 13, 1944.

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 7:30pm, Warner Student Life Center, Fee: $12 adults, $5 students.

To register for a program please call (732) 224-2315; to learn more, email Paul Zigo, Director of the Center for World War II Studies, at

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