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Grandfather of the Internet?

The CECOM History Office is always looking for new and interesting information on the colorful characters of our history.  Recently, Floyd came across a video from Michigan’s WWI Centennial group stating that GEN George Owen Squier is the grandfather of the internet. This group is a not-for-profit independent history organization location in GEN Squier’s home state.

You can see the claim made by the video on YouTube:

General Squier, Grandfather of the Internet.

Squier’s life and death preceded the internet era – indeed, even the punch-card computer programming era – by decades. However, the revolutionary work that Squier did certainly helped to usher in a new way of thinking about technology, its uses, and its everyday applications. The video discusses many of the things we’ve featured on the history blog already: Multiplexing, wireless radio, and Muzak.

From what we’ve researched about Squier, it seems like he would be honored to be an ancestor of the internet. He saw inspiration in lily blooms for audio transmission, in trees for wireless transmission of signals, and in football for command and control leadership.

Note: This video was posted by a non-government entity. It’s presence here on the U.S. Army CECOM History Blog is for  informational purposes only, and does not indicate expressed or implied endorsement by CECOM, the Army, or the Department of Defense.


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  1. Dennis Skupinski says

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