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Brookdale WWII Studies: 70th Anniversary of Guadalcanal


70th Anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal Commemoration


With Dr. David Ulbrich, Command Historian, US Army Engineer School and author of “Preparing for Victory: Thomas Holcomb and the US Marine 1936-1943” and Ltc. Peter Mahoney, Instructor, US Marine Corps 6th Motor Transport Battalion

Featuring distinguished battle veterans Thomas J. Mahoney and members of the 4th Amphibious Tractor Battalion

Following the fall of the Philippine Islands to the Japanese in the spring of 1942, the battle of Guadalcanal was the first real test of land strength between the militaries of Japan and the USA in the Pacific Theater of War. 

The bloody and protracted struggle for this steamy, malaria-ridden, rain sodden island in the Solomon Islands off of Australia began on August 7, 1942 and lasted until the end of January, 1943.  Seven major naval battles combined with the determination of the marines and army units ashore brought eventual victory for the American forces.  The cost was very heavy but Guadalcanal is now seen as a major turning point in the Pacific war from which Japan never recovered. 

Come and hear all about this historic battle from a noted historian and actual veterans of the conflict.  Display, exhibits and information tables will also be available to enhance one’s knowledge about this key “turning point” in World War II that occurred 70 years ago.

 Saturday, Oct.13, 10am to 3pm, Warner Student Life Center, Free.

To register for a program please call (732) 224-2315; to learn more email Paul Zigo, Director of the Center for World War II Studies, at 

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