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Europe in the 1910s

An unfortunate caption for this batch of photos: “Various unidentified early pictures of soldiers.”  My criteria for photo selection (which is completely subjective and not at all scientific) is based on which images I think look interesting, and then I find the corresponding information in the database after.  Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don’t.  However, I like to keep posting the photos with poor-to-mediocre captions anyway. Not only are these good pictures, but I’m always hopeful that one of our readers will recognize an aspect of the photo and leave us a note about it.

Image #4586-B

I think these were likely taken in France.

Image #4586-D

I’m not familiar enough with 1910s European style dress to identify this location. If anyone knows, we’d love to update our files with this information.

Image #4586-E

For bibliography purposes, these images can be cited:

Image #—, “US Army Photo collection, C-E Museum Acquisition” from the CECOM Historical Office archive, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

Make sure to double-check your style guide for the appropriate method of citation for your work. Need a higher resolution version of this same picture? Leave a comment below or through our contact page and reference the three-digit poster number. Each of the scanned originals is approximately 2-11 MB.

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