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Reconnecting in Burma

1950: During a flood, these men of Co. C of the 9th Battalion are working on a telephone line that runs from Mogaung to Myitkyina, Burma. They are listed as PFC Ralph R. Tallick, Chicago, Ill.; PVT Fred W. Holt, Lowell, Mass.; PVT Lawrence Kissell, New Haven, Conn.; PVT Garry E. Brosk, Roselle, NJ.; and TSGT J.I. Marrow, Greenville, TX.

Image #3890

This level of detail on a corresponding photo is like history gold. So often, we have excellent images, but no information about the individuals pictured. Sometimes we get a list of the people, but no date or location listed, and it’s not always clear where they are or when the photo was taken.  Those Signal Corps photographers that had the foresight to label and caption their images will forever be some of this office’s favorite – though unknown – contributors to history.

For bibliography purposes, these images can be cited:

Image #—, “US Army Photo collection, C-E Museum Acquisition” from the CECOM Historical Office archive, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

Make sure to double-check your style guide for the appropriate method of citation for your work. Need a higher resolution version of this same picture? Leave a comment below or through our contact page and reference the three-digit poster number. Each of the scanned originals is approximately 2-11 MB.

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