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Charles Wallace Wrote Army Contract with Wright Bros

The US Army CECOM requested approval for the dedication of the Building 6001 in memory of COL Charles Wallace, who signed the contract with the Wright brothers for the first Army airplane in 1908. This was a fitting memorialization as the building housed contracting personnel.

Wallace was born in Illinois in September 1866. He was detailed for duty with the civil government of the Philippine Islands on 30 Sept 1902, to take charge of and organize civil control of telegraphs and telephones received from the Signal Corps.

COL Charles Wallace

In November 1903, Wallace reported to Omaha for duty as Signal Officer, Department of Missouri. On 16 April 1904, he was ordered from duty in the Missouri Department to Seattle, Washington, to perform duties related to the installation of the Alaskan cable system, and to make such journeys on the cable ship Burnside as might be necessary for these duties.

In 1908, Wallace signed the contract with the Wright Brothers for the first airplane. It also appears that he was on the board of officers that observed the flight trials at Fort Myer. On 24 June 1916, Wallace was detailed, with 4 other Regular Army officers, to the U.S. Naval Consulting Board, to assist the Committee on Industrial Preparedness.

During WWI, Wallace served as Signal Corps Chief of the Lines of Communication (as the back of the advance section of the AEF was called); and later as Director of the Telephone and Telegraph Division. Wallace retired in 1928.

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