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Women in C4ISR History

With March as Womens’ History Month, here’s a list of some of the notable women who have worked at CECOM and predecessor organizations over the years.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, and if there’s anyone else you think should be added, please let us know.

Dr. Jenny R. Bramley—A physicist at the Signal Corps Engineering laboratory at Camp Evans and the first woman to receive a PhD in Physics in the United States. She held 18 patents.

Marilyn Levy— was Chief of the Photo Optics Division, Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Laboratory, ERADCOM. She was involved in photographic research for aerial surveillance at Fort Monmouth since 1953. She was awarded 21 patents during her career. She was awarded the Research and Development Achievement Award in 1973. She was Chairman of the processing section of the Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers.

Dr. Emily M. Frisby– In 1966 she became Chief of the Atmospheric Modification Task Group in the Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory, USAECOM. She conducted metrological and climatological research in weather-crop relationships; short and longer range forecasting; facets of industrial meteorology, diffusion problems of the lower and upper atmosphere, field experiments in cloud modification and hailstorm studies.

Barbara Elliott– The first Fort Monmouth employee to complete the DoD’s executive leadership development program.

Roberta French– Roberta French began her government career with the Department of the Army in 1941. She served in many different positions throughout the world, including overseas tours in Germany and Morocco. In 1967, she became the first woman Civilian Personnel Officer in DA in the Washington DC area. She came to Fort Monmouth in 1974.

Olive Rehm– A writer in the ECOM Information Office, she began her career at Fort Monmouth in 1954 and was employed in the Information Office in 1966. She served as Chairman of the Department of Communication Skills in the ECOM Internal Training Program.

Priscilla Ransohoff– Held numerous positions at Fort Monmouth in the research and development field. She was the first recipient of the Army Materiel Command Action Award for “promoting the goals of the AMC toward the advancement of equal employment opportunity,” as well as the Department of the Army’s Equal Employment Opportunity Award. She was also responsible for establishing the Federally Employed Women’s (FEW) program at Fort Monmouth. Because of her hard work, Fort Monmouth is Chapter #2, one of the first formed.

Cleo Zizos—She was named the Army Material Command’s print journalist of 1991.

Mary Pinkett– In 1982, a GM-15 at HQ, Supply, Maintenance, and Transportation Directorate. Had been the first black woman to attain GS-14, as division chief, Communications Systems Agency, at Fort Monmouth.

Paula Pennypacker—First female Division Chief and GS 15 in the Legal Office.

Elizabeth H. Nelson — issued Patent Number 5,411,599 (co-inventor) for the “Thermoelectric Device Utilizing Nanoporous Material” in 1995.

Kathyrn T. Hoener Szymanski—She was selected as the first female member of the Senior Executive Service at Fort Monmouth in 1996. She was serving as the Chief Counsel for CECOM and Fort Monmouth at that time.

COL Mary Beth Shively—She became the Commander of the Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC), Fort Huachuca, AZ in 2001.

COL Patricia E. McQuistion—She assumed command of Tobyhanna Army Depot on July 12, 2001 becoming Tobyhanna’s 26th Commander.

Marti Stanczak—In 2004 she became Tobyhanna Army Depot’s new chief legal counsel.

Charlotte Lent– An industrial engineer at Tobyhanna Army Depot, she was among those who earned second place in the National Institute of Packaging, Handling and Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE)-sponsored 2004 national packaging design contest. Lent designed, tested and guided the fabrication of the Frozen Specimen Shipping Unit (FSSU-24).

Col Denise Williams– Became the Commander of the Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC), Fort Huachuca, AZ in 2005.

Col Renita Menyhert– Recipient of the Department of Army journalist award in 2006. Earned first place in feature articles in U.S. Army Materiel Command-wide journalism competition for 11 consecutive years (1992 to 2002).

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