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Camp Murphy Obstacle Course

Camp Murphy Signal Corps Obstacle Course, 1943

As described in the April 1943 edition of the Signal Corps Technical Information Letter (SCTIL), all soldiers were subjected to a hardening process.  This edition of the SCTIL describes a new obstacle course that had been established at the Southern Signal Corps School located at Camp Murphy, in Florida.

The Camp Murphy course is described as 300 yards long and containing nineteen obstacles.  It could be run in an average time of four minutes (the record was two minutes and twenty-eight seconds).  Signalers trained at Camp Murphy received a week of drill, a week of manual at arms, and a week of heavy calisthenics to condition for the course.  The first trip, they were lead through.  After that, they were on their own.

Camp Murphy obstacle course illustration

 This is a follow-up to the Eastern Signal Corps Training Center entry from November 3rd.

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