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Happy Alaska Day

We are always finding something interesting in the archive.  The most recent “find” is this polar bear patch:

Alaska Patch

This shoulder patch worn by the Alaskan Department was approved on March 24, 1943, for the Alaska Defense Command, and was re-designated for the Alaskan Department on December 31, 1943. The bear is suggestive of the Great Bear Constellation, and the star represents the North Star. In addition, the polar bear was chosen as representative of Alaska, and the bear is snarling in defiance as a warning to those who would invade his domain.

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  1. jim mott says

    My uncle David Rosencrans served in the Aleutian Islands during wwII as an enlisted man.. Although I do not know his duties, after the war he was a boxer, artist and sign painter. As a youth I collected shoulder patches and happened to acquire the Alaska bear patch and was told by my uncle that he designed the patch. Does anyone know how I might confirm this? My uncle is now deceased.