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Thank you, APG Museum

Another batch of materials came over to the CECOM archive today!  With much help from Gene and Ed from the G4, and additional assistance unloading from the Command Events crew, the historians had our almost final box delivery today. We’ve got a few photos that didn’t fit in the vehicles, but we’re almost done.  Another 83 boxes from the C-E Museum move made it onto the shelves in the archive.

I heard a great quote today:

“History is meant to be shared.” — Gail Fuller, APG Director

To that, I say, “Hooah!” 

We got really lucky that the enormous amount of stuff that was destined for the archive was graciously stored by the APG Museum staff for us.  Thank you Gail, Ed, and Nate for being so accomodating with all of our books!

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  1. Gail Fuller says

    You are very welcome! Thank you for returning the few items that you feel belong in the museum collection. We look forward to continuing the great relationship between the APG Museum and the CECOM Historical Office.

    Gail Fuller, Director
    Aberdeen Proving Ground Museum