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Women in C4ISR History – Nora Bell

Women in C4ISR History – Nora Bell

In large part, the information used in this blog comes from a 1979 Monmouth Message news article. The Monmouth Message was the news source for Fort Monmouth, from May 1950, until the base closed. The CECOM History Office maintains a digital and hard copy collection of most editions of the Monmouth Message, as well as many editions of its predecessor newspapers. These collections are available for research.

As noted in the 1979 article, at that time Nora C. Bell was a Budget Analyst in the Program Management Division of the CORADCOM Comptroller. CORADCOM was the Communications Research and Development Command.

Photo of Nora Bell from the 1979 "Monmouth Message"

Bell entered federal service as a clerk typist, GS-2 at the Raritan Arsenal. Finally, after serving in several intermediate grades, she received a promotion to a Supervisory Stock Control Clerk. However, she was separated from that position when the position transferred to Letterkenny Army Depot. Subsequently, she returned to federal service as a clerk typist. Positions that followed included a Military Personnel Clerk, Statistical Clerk, and Administrative Officer. Then Bell was affected by a RIF in 1973. As a consequence of the RIF, she was received an assignment as a Program Analyst, GS-7. Subsequent promotions then led to her present position.

As of the publication of the Monmouth Message article in 1979, Bell was enrolled in a business administration program at Brookdale College and planed to transfer to a college which offered a bachelor’s degree.

Bell, the article states, enjoyed tennis and golf in addition to attending art shows and ballet. The article goes on to state that she was a volunteer to the Red Cross, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy Fund Drives.

Note: The “Women in C4ISR” blog miniseries is authored by Floyd, and edited/posted by Chrissie.

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