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Women in C4ISR History – Georgette Mitchell

Women in C4ISR History – Georgette Mitchell 


In large part, the information used to prepare this Blog comes from a 1975 news article from the Monmouth Message

As noted in the 1975 article, at that time, Georgette Mitchell was a GS-12 Computer Systems Analyst in Directorate for Management Information Systems (DMIS).  Mitchell began her career in the government in 1943 at the Naval Medical Supply Depot, in Brooklyn, New York, and after that held a number of positions in government throughout the United States.


Mitchell was very active in the community, with special interest serving as the President of the Bayshore Community Hospital and the Keyport Auxiliary.  She was also the Secretary-Treasurer of Raritan Unit 23, American Legion Auxiliary.

Photo of Georgette Mitchell from the "Monmouth Message," July 1975

Since 1972, she had served as an Equal Employment Opportunity Officer (EEO) Counselor.  She also received a Special Act Award for her EEO Counseling efforts.  The article states that this interest in assisting others was also indicated by her career goal to change to the Personnel Management field and focusing on EEO as a fulltime career rather than as a part time Counselor, and by her source of greatest satisfaction-working with people.


In September 1979, Mitchell published an article titled “Salute to Women” in the Monmouth Message.  In that article she stated:

“there is this vast threshold, not wasteland, which beckons. Some women with a foot in the past, cannot move forward; some stay wedged in between past  and present, with tradition as a mainstay, and there are those whose prospects and ambitions help them savor the future with no thought of compromise or backward glances.”

Note: Like all our “Women in C4ISR History” articles, this one was composed by Floyd, and edited/posted by Chrissie.

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