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CECOM and September 11, 2001

From A History of Army Communications and Electronics at Fort Monmouuth, New Jersey, 1917-2007, page 98.

CECOM was tapped to help with the World Trade Center (WTC) site rescue effort. Fort Monmouth technologies helped rescue and recovery workers in a variety of ways. The world’s smallest infrared camera, developed by CECOM and attached to a PVC pipe, was used for finding and searching through voids in the rubble. A laser doppler vibrometerwas also used to judge the structural  integrity of the buildings. Electronic listening devices detected distress calls to 911 made from cellular phones. Additionally, hyperspectral flyovers monitored and controlled recovery operations from the air.


Rescue Workers using infrared cameras attached to PVC pipe to search through the rubble at the World Trade Center site


CECOM deployed a quick reaction task force to the Pentagon to install a communications infrastruture for 4,500 displaced workers. CECOM teamed with the Pentagon renovation office to provide engineering and integration support to renovate the Pentagon’s command and control infrastructure in support of the Pentagon rebuild (Pheonix Project).

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