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Women in C4ISR History – Anna Stellini

In large part, the information used to prepare this Blog comes from a 1975 news article from The Monmouth Message.  The Monmouth Message was the main source of news related to Fort Monmouth and activities at Fort Monmouth. The CECOM History Office maintains a digital and hard copy collection of editions of the Monmouth Message, as well as many editions of predecessor newspapers.

As noted in the 1975 article, at that time, Anna Stellini was Alpha Coordinator with the Directorate of Materiel Management (DMM).  Stellini started her government career with the DMM in 1948.

Anna Stellini's photo from the 1975 "Monmouth Message" article

As part of her career, Stellini developed and maintained the Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) requisitioning and processing systems.  She also successfully directed the systems familiarization test and Army Logistics Management College Supply Management and Stock Control courses in order to train DMM employees for the implementation of the ALPHA system.

Stellini, as stated in the article, enjoyed reading and the stock market and just started to learn how to cast in surf fishing. 

At the time of the article, she was a GS-13 Computer Systems Analyst, supervising 25 employees.  Her goal was to progress in her career field.

Note: Entry composed by Floyd, and edited/posted by Chrissie.

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