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CECOM History Office BRAC Move a Success

CECOM History Office Move a BRAC Success

Sometimes you don’t know how lucky you are. The CECOM historians knew that moving the archive from Fort Monmouth to Aberdeen went well, but we didn’t realize *how* well until we heard about other similar BRAC moves. 

Command Historian Susan Thompson and Staff Historian Chrissie Reilly attended an eye-opening workshop on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011, that dealt specifically with the challenges of BRAC. When our office moved, we only had two very minor “casualties.” The cover page of one document was torn, and a small piece of equipment used to measure temperature and humidity (a hygrometer) went missing. The difficulty of establishing an archive is hard enough without having to deal with outright problems.  

Organization and coordination on behalf of the Fort Monmouth and APG offices, and working with the moving company, meant that the move was hectic, but fairly smooth. Other places have not been so lucky. 

At this panel, we heard about lost boxes, archives in offsite storage for months, having no staff (literally no employees) to help with the transition, moving into smaller spaces with very little archival space, moving trucks that were overloaded and couldn’t leave the weigh station until offloading over 40,000 pounds of materials, etc. BRAC is fraught with upheaval anyway as entire organizations move, at the same time that many of their employees don’t move with them. But I’m very grateful for all the hard work that went into making the CECOM history office move a success!

Note: This is Chrissie blogging live from the US Army Conference of Army Historians! It’s amazing here! Extremely positive atmosphere, wonderfully talented people, and so much to learn. More to come throughout the event.

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