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APG Museum Seeks to Expand Collection

The new APG Museum is actively seeking donations from all Aberdeen Proving Ground tenants and commands! 

Gail Fuller, director, and her staff at the Aberdeen Proving Ground museum, are looking for artifacts and materials from the entire APG North and APG South (Edgewood) areas that depict the history of the US Army here.  This is a new museum, located where the old ordnance museum stood, but also one that is unique within the Army museum system.  It has a mission of telling the story of a place, to include all the various missions and commands that have “lived” at this place. 

Many people know about Army museums that are topical in their focus: Army women, the Reserve Soldier, Communications and Electronics, the Corps of Engineers.  But this new museum’s topic is the history of APG.  Pretty cool!

As such, they are seeking donations of artifacts.  The director provided me with the following guidelines:

When considering what might be an artifact for the museum, please note that all objects to be considered for accessioning shall specifically relate to Aberdeen Proving Ground, or the Edgewood area, Maryland, have historic merit, and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The object was made at Aberdeen Proving Ground or Edgewood area.
  • The object was made by a Soldier or Family member.
  • The subject of the object was (is) a Soldier, an APG or Edgewood area scene, or a relevant Army event.
  • The object was researched or developed or tested at APG or Edgewood area.
  • The object has or had direct and important connections to an event in APG or Edgewood history or
  • The object is typical or representative of a form or type used in APG or Edgewood area, or its immediate vicinity.

To discuss a particular piece of equipment or object you’d like to donate, please contact Gail and her team directly.

  • Gail Fuller, Museum Director
  •         Phone: (410) 306-4707 , Fax: (410) 278-7978
  •         Email:
  • Ed Heasley, Museum Specialist, (410) 278-2754
  •         Email:
  • Nate Grogan, Museum Specialist, (410) 278-9332
  •         Email:
  • APG Museum Forward Office Building 2601, APG
  •         By appointment (410) 278-2754

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  1. Gail Fuller says

    Thank you for writing the nice article about our search for artifacts for the future Aberdeen Proving Ground Museum. Although the museum doesn’t open until late October 2012, now is the time we need to know if there are artifacts “out there”! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.