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Women in Team C4ISR History – Amelia Yetmen

Women on Wednesday: Amelia Yetmen

Amelia C. Yetman came to Fort Monmouth in 1960, after she graduated from Rutgers University. She graduated with a degree in Mathematics. In 1969, she established the Cost Estimate Control Data Center at Fort Monmouth. In 1975, Yetmen was a GS-13, and the Chief of the Center.

Yetman’s career goals included advancement in the Operations Research Analysis field. She described her greatest job satisfaction as coming from changing attitudes.

Amelia Yetmen, July 1975

“The success of women in these diverse fields is indicative that women can practice on a par with men — the entire range of trades and professions — and can engage themselves in all aspects of the working world. Women can –and should– feel competent, comfortable, and needed in whatever societal niche they choose — from housewife or mother to careerist or a combination of the two.”

Yetman maintained and did upkeep on her home and the two acres of woodland where it was located, including doing exterior painting herself. She also enjoyed sewing, needlework, bike riding, stripping and refinishing furniture, and her four dogs (2 French poodles, a spaniel, and a retriever).

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