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Squier in Photos

This site has run numerous blogs that celebrate the accomplishments and the rather insightful predictions of former Chief Signal Officer, General George Owen Squier. One could describe Squier as inventor/co-inventor of a number of inventions related to communications, and was also a proponent of aeronautics. In some of the blogs there have been included photographs.

All of those photographs and some previously unused photographs have been gathered here to compile in one place a sort of “photo album” of General Squier. The first thing the reader will note, is the lack of a large collection of photographs. The writer offers a challenge to the reader – if you are aware of any additional photographs, the CECOM historians would be interested in seeing them!  Please contact us at

Our collection includes official Army photographs, as well as a number of converted images that were collected from various professional journals and other documents.  Full captions are directly below each image.

1911 Squier NYT 5 March

Reproduced photograph for the New York Times, March 1911

From 1916

From Flying, September 1916, Squier at the Mexican Border


Squier pictured in the Air Service Journal in 1917


Squier illustrated in a 1922 article in the October 1922 edition of Popular Radio


Squier at the 1924 Officers School graduation from the “History of Fort Monmouth, 1917 – 1946”

Undated Image

Undated photograph of Squier and his sister, Mary Squier Parker, from the Family Tree Maker Website

Note: This entry written by Floyd Hertweck, who also found all of the images.  Edited/posted by Chrissie Reilly.

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  1. M Conrad says

    “Radio will bring to the people of this country the intellectual background which heretofore only the rich could afford.” – Squier, 1924.

    That’s the same kind of thing they said about television when it was first invented, that people would now be able to watch things like ballet and opera.

  2. Kevin Miramonti says

    Thank you for all your postings of General Squier. He lived such a storied life, it is sad though even in his own small home town only a handful can state what major accomplishment he achieved. Please continue doing research and posting on General the people of Lapeer County appreciate it.