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 The CECOM Historical Office maintains an e-mail address for requests related to information concerning Fort Monmouth/CECOM history and the history of Army communication and electronics.

As part of our service, we offer information and photographs concerning Fort Monmouth or as it was also called, Camp Little Silver or Camp Alfred Vail and its outpost locations, Army communications and electronics, The Signal Corps “Radio Laboratories”, the Signal Corps from 1917 through 1976, and a variety of other subjects related to Army communications and electronics.

Our Historical Collection runs the gambit from messenger pigeons, radar, radios, to radar.  It includes documents, books, photos, and related types of information about CECOM, predecessor organizations, communication-electronics technology, and Fort Monmouth since 1917 deemed to be of informational value in the professional judgment of the Command and Staff Historians.  While not official records in the sense of governmental records depositories, documents maintained were selected by the historians based on their potential value for the history of the aforementioned subjects.

The collection consists of documents (over 900 linear feet), still photos (over 10 linear feet), films (about 300 titles), recordings (audio and video), and miscellaneous other outdated media (i.e., floppy disks, safety films, slides, microfiche, etc.). The Collection also has a small military history reference library (approximately 1200 volumes).

The address which is also available on the History Office Web Page is

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