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Olive Rehm

In large part, the information used to prepare this Blog comes from a 1975 news article in the Monmouth Message.   The CECOM History office maintains a digital and hard copy collection of current and earlier editions of the Monmouth Message, as well as many editions of the predecessor newspapers.

As noted in the 1975 article, at that time, Olive Rehm was a writer in the ECOM Information Office.  Rehm began her career at Fort Monmouth in 1954, and by 1966, she was employed in the Information Office.

Rehm had studied journalism at NYU, and by the 1970s had renewed studies and was pursuing an Associate of Arts degree at Brookdale College, and intended to continue studies at Monmouth College.  During her career, the she received several Outstanding Performance Ratings.  At the time the article was published she was the Chairman of the Department of Communication Skills in the ECOM Internal Training Program.

Photo of Olive Rehm from the 1975 Monmouth Message.

Rehm was the mother of two and grandmother of two.  Her interests included tennis, swimming, and travel.  In 1975, she had just returned from a trip to the USSR, where she combined pleasure with a little business by interviewing some successful women.  As quoted in the article, speaking of her job, Rehm stated “Contact with people at all levels here on the post and in the surrounding community gives my job a lot of what shall I call?-pizazz, I guess. I like what I do, and the people I work with. How lucky can a civil servant get?”

According to an obiturary printed in the New York Times, Rehm who had remarried (Olive Carew Rehm Stelling) passed away at the age of 94, on 11 August 2006.  She was living in Florida at the time.  Rehm, the NYT states “was a graduate of Saint Elizabeth’s in Convent Station, NJ, she held an undergraduate degree in English Literature from NYU and a masters degree in history from Monmouth University and was for many years a technical writer and Public Affairs Officer”

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  1. David C. Stelling says

    I would like very much to hear from anyone who might have known my father, Jack Stelling, late of Lakewood, New Jersey.
    It would mean a great deal to me.