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The CECOM Archive Gets Movin’

The U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command Archive is currently packed and awaiting shipment from Fort Monmouth, NJ to Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. We expect the collection to be in transit 9 March and unpacked in its new, state of the art facility NLT 14 March. Check back for updates!

Building 718 at Fort Monmouth

The exterior of the CECOM History office, circa 2003.

Inside of the office in Building 718.

The archive once occupied a standalone facility on Fort Monmouth, Building 718.

Front door of the old office, Building 718.

The sandbags seen in this picture couldn’t protect the archive from the flooding that eventually plagued this site.

Moving the archives from 718 to 1207.

The collection thus moved into CECOM Headquarters, Building 1207, in 2003.

The CECOM archives at Fort Monmouth

While in 1207, great pains were taken to ensure proper storage in acid free boxes and much of the collection was re-catalogued. Today, detailed finding aids accompany all in-processed accessions.


The archive is getting packed up for transfer to APG.

The collection currently occupies several hundred large, heavy duty cardboard boxes and smaller plastic crates. These will be shipped in three trucks. Each box bears a descriptive tag that matches one already adorning a shelf in the new archive at APG.

Boxes and crates filled with CECOM history

Soon, empty shelving units will be all that remain in the “CECOM archive that was” at Fort Monmouth!  Check back soon for photos of the exciting new APG facility.

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