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Alice Allen

Welcome to our latest installment of Women on Wednesdays! 

Alice Allen, of Fair Haven, NJ, was a graduate of Middletown High School.  She earned an associates degree from Brookdale Community College, and in 1979, Allen was attending Kean State College where she was working toward a degree in Management Science.  By 1979, Mrs. Allen – the mother of nine children – was widowed.

 Alice Allen started her Federal career as a “junior laborer” at Raritan Arsenal, in Middlesex County, New Jersey in 1941.  At that time, she earned a salary of $4.96 a day.  This equates to approximately $0.62 per hour, or $1,289 annually.  This places her earnings higher than the minimum wage of $0.30 per hour, but lower than the national average of $1,492 (data from the 1941 Commemorative Yearbook).

In 1979, Mrs. Allen had become a Contracting Officer, where she was a purchaser for electronic warfare equipment in the “EW/SIGINT/MET/CSNV” Procurement Section.  In that position, Mrs. Allen was a GS-13.  For a Black woman to achieve that level, especially in the 1970s, was quiet an accomplishment.  In a 1979 Monmouth Message interview, Mrs. Allen stated that “frankly being a woman has helped!”  She also noted that she had taken advantage of all educational opportunities and recent recognition in women in career fields.

Photo of Mrs. Alice Allen (center, standing) from 1979

During her career at Fort Monmouth, Alice Allen completed the Army Logistics Management Course at Fort Lee, studied Contract Law at the Air Force Institute at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and had taken courses through Fort Monmouth’s internal training program.

Note: The Women on Wednesdays blog mini-series is authored by Floyd Hertweck, and edited/posted by Chrissie Reilly.

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