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CECOM Flag Unfurled

The CECOM flag is now at Aberdeen Proving Ground!

MG Strong and CSM Johnson uncase the CECOM flag, Friday 10/22/2010.

A few weeks ago, we talked about the flag casing ceremony.   Last Friday, MG Strong presided over the CECOM flag uncasing.  The Commanding General stated that this event marked:

“…not only our new presence here, but also the continuity of mission, of vision, of people and purpose of the United States Army Communications-Electronics Command.”

The LRC color guard walks through the courtyard to the ceremony.

The formal ceremony took place in the courtyard at the newly completed phase 1 campus.  This is the first time that the CECOM flag was unfurled since its casing at Fort Monmouth, and signifies a new chapter in CECOM history.

MG Strong speaks at the ceremony.

The event had approximately 500 people in attendance, including retired commanders, active duty prior commanders, CECOM civilians and military from other locations, and community leaders and members.

CSM Linza Chapman, Fort Monmouth Garrison, presents a photo of the Johnson Gates and the ceremonial last round from the casing ceremony to MG Strong.

All of the photos from this blog entry came from the official CECOM flickr page.  To see more images, just click on the hyperlinked text; the site is open to the public.

For more information about the role of CECOM in the Maryland region, Henry Kearney’s article on the Army website highlights it.

Public affairs officer Andrika Thomas’ Monmouth Message article provides more details about the ceremony.

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  1. Flag Casing Ceremony at Fort Monmouth – CECOM Historical Office linked to this post on October 29, 2010

    from Fort Monmouth to Aberdeen Proving Ground.”  There will be another ceremony to formally uncase the flag at Aberdeen Proving Ground on October 22,