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Squier’s Stories: Combined Sound and Light Distribution Apparatus

In addition to being a Major General in the Army, Squier also held a PhD from Johns Hopkins (1893).  According to available information he may have been the first member of the Army Officers Corps to hold that degree. 

Even into his retirement, GEN Squier continued to research and develop devices related to communications.  One such example was a Patent for a “Radio Signaling Apparatus”, granted in 1931. 

The Combined Sound and Light Distribution Apparatus related to a fixture that provided both sound and light reproduction. 

The Easter Lily: inspiration for the light and sound apparatus.

The Patent further explains that a major object was to do this by including the practicality of a modern radio receiving set and lighting fixture which “at the same time, is endowed with qualities of beauty and decorative value.”

Squier explained that in enhancing the decorative qualities of “fixtures of this type” the motif was borrowed from nature. 

The purpose of the invention was to work the Easter lily into a “practical and useful radio receiver set and light fixture” because the lily added a decorative effect, and had an “important practical feature of being so shaped as to provide an ideal light reflector and sound director.” 

Image from the patent application.

Squier explained that a suitable container would be used that may simulate a vase or flower pot resting in a tray.

As noted in his Patent, “when lights are used the effect is very pleasing and the fact that the sound reproducing device is inconspicuous greatly enhances the effect of the entire fixture.” 

Reference to this Patent was found in a 2006 Patent for a “Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Stand (Patent Number US 7,040,795 B2), granted May 9, 2006.

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