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Thank you, readers!

It is an exciting day – the CECOM flag is being uncased at Aberdeen Proving Ground today!  We’ll be blogging about that later.

This entry is to say THANK YOU!

Because equally exciting is our blog statistics. We’re getting so many people from all over the world reading our blog, and hopefully enjoying the rich history of Fort Monmouth, the Signal Corps, and CECOM. The historians (and I speak for Melissa and Floyd, too) are thrilled to bring our history and organizational heritage to the internet. And what good is history if it’s not accessible? History depends on people being excited about it and engaged in it.

The Signal Corps wire laying class trains by climbing up poles at Fort Monmouth, 1920.

What interests you?
Is there any part of our history that particularly interests you?  Do you have a favorite time period that you like to read about?  Would you like to learn more about the history of technology?  Social history?  Women in the Army?  The New Deal?  Archival preservation?  Let us know! You can reach us through the comment box on the blog or through the CECOM Historian email address.

A soldier demonstrates the AN/PPS-4 (transistorized) radar at the Signal Research and Development Laboratory, May 21, 1962.

Thanks again for all the readership and support!

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