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Movin’ on up!

An artists rendition of the new complex, which I like to call "The Emerald City."

The two forward historians – Chrissie and Floyd – have moved one step closer to the new archival space/historical office.  Floyd moved out of “The Stones” building, and Chrissie moved out of one of the barracks buildings, and now they sit near each other!  They were over a mile apart before.

Chrissie inherited the desk in the barrakcs building that was covered in wires.

 It was a great workspace while it lasted.  And I did like being near the window (even when it blew our papers all over the room).

All packed and ready to go into the new building!

Moving has been both difficult and easy.  The easy part is that contractors picked up the boxes and brought them to our new space.  The difficult part was getting all the stuff in boxes, bubble-wrapping the electronics, being without your computer for a few hours (which is especially trying when there’s WWI history blogs to write), and then setting up the new (albeit temporary) desk.

Chrissie arrives at her temporary desk in the new building.

 Floyd indulged my moment of foolishness while we unpacked.  It only took about 30 minutes to get totally set up.

The new workstation has less wires, and more Japanese toys.

 The new archive space is just big empty room right now.  But it will be amazing because we’re getting rolling shelves, just like many big university libraries have.  Even smaller spaces have them, too, because they can increase storage capacity by up to 40%.  That’s like adding hundreds of square feet!  Below is an image from the Dublin City Library and Archive that shows an example of what they look like. 

An example of what rolling shelves look like. The little crank on the side moves the shelves along a track, and it eliminates static aisles.

 It will be excellent to have this type of system.  And we need it.

We've run out of space in the CECOM archive at Fort Monmouth, and have to use the space on top of the shelves to store materials. This is terrible for archival collections.

 The only place left to go is up!  It’s so bad for the old papers to have their boxes out in the open, but when there’s no room, it’s what you’ve got to do.

We've got books, boxes, and equipment stacked up to the ceiling in the technical library at Fort Monmouth.

As soon as ours start to go in, I will post the photos of the progress.  Just yesterday afternoon, in fact, one of the engineers and a contractor came through to go over the installation.  It’s very exciting!

So while I don’t get to keep this desk forever, I get to sit near the other forward CECOM historian, and am right next door to watch the archive construction take place.

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