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Monmouth County Archives and History Day

The staff of the CECOM LCMC Historical Office will spend Saturday, October 9th, promoting Fort Monmouth’s rich history at the Monmouth County Archives’ 15th Annual Archives and History Day in Manalapan, N.J.

An excerpt from the Archives and History Day flyer explains the event:

“Archives and history day is an event that celebrates both Archives Week, designated by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, and Humanities Festival Week, sponsored by the New Jersey Council for Humanities. The event, authorized under the general direction of Monmouth County Clerk, M. Claire French, was planned by the Monmouth County Archives with the cooperation of the Monmouth County Library and Members of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference.”

People explore the exhibits at the 2009 Archives and History Day.

This year’s theme is World War II: The Home Front in Monmouth County.  The CECOM historians provided support for this effort that began months ago with a visit from one of the archive’s interns to the Fort Monmouth historical office.  The intern toured the office and looked at materials, and left with digital versions of every newspaper Fort Monmouth had from the WWII era. 

These images allowed the Monmouth County Archives to select images and pages that they felt best represented their exhibit storyline. 

The day includes speeches by historians and historic re-enactors; plus an auditorium filled with exhibit tables and activities geared for children and adults.

The CECOM Historical Office display at the 2009 Archives and History Day.

Last year, the CECOM historians instituted a micro-history program called “Five for the Fort.”  Mini-oral histories, lasting no longer than five minutes, were recorded and are now part of the historical office collection.  We will be running this feature again this year, so stop by the booth if you are interested in contributing the Fort Monmouth oral history program.

For more information about the day’s events, the official Archives and History Day itinerary can be found here:

To learn more about the whole week’s offerings from Monmouth County Archives, please see their press release:

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