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Signal Corps Bulletins Shared

The CECOM and Signal Corps Historical Offices recently shared their collections of Signal Corps Bulletins, 1920-1940.

CECOM is now is possession of searchable pdfs of Bulletins #1-32 and 35-109.

Bulletin #1 explained the purpose and intent of the publications as follows:

The publications contain information on Soldiers, installations, equipment, training, military theory and practice, history- you name it!

These are sure to be an invaluable research tool for years to come. For example, say one of the CECOM Historians gets a research request for information on a Soldier named John D.L. Hartman. The requester knows little other than the fact that this man served in the Signal Corps.

Usually, the Historians wouldn’t know to look in Signal Corps Bulletin #52, January-February 1930. Why would they? But now, by simply typing the man’s name into the digital archive, the article about Hartman’s retirement featured in that Bulletin will pop up within seconds.

The Bulletins can also be distributed to researchers via email or CD as requested.

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  1. Adley says

    Is there a website where we can access individual articles? (Looking for a translation by Charles J. Mendelsohn of Alberti’s De cifris – he cites it as Signal Corps Bulletin, Oct-Dec 1937, p.62)